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smart city with power tower

Toward a national grid

C.D. Howe Institute
November 28, 2019
Jan Carr, Author
There are compelling benefits to increasing the interprovincial flows of electricity, but realizing them will require more than planning an energy corridor or simply establishing the physical infrastructure of a national grid.

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A pile of wood in the snow.

Clean energy can advance Indigenous reconciliation

Read the full article on The Conversation Canada’s remote communities need reliable and affordable energy to operate their schools and businesses and heat their homes. But the current situation is woefully inadequate. Of the 279 active remote communities not connected to the electric grid, 239 of them rely on diesel fuel for electricity and oil

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High voltage towers with sky background.

Ontario-Quebec hydro deal bad for Ontario

Mark Brouillette, Special to the Toronto Sun
In the fall of 2016, Ontario and Quebec entered into an electricity trade agreement with the purported goal of expanded interprovincial trade and collaboration and to generate savings for ratepayers.

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Solar panels and wind turbines

Tango between energy and policy

Read the Full Article Ontario’s climate strategy to reduce emissions by 2030 scores high on aspirations but low when tested against a checklist of potential outcomes. The Ontario Planning Outlook (OPO), the foundation for Ontario’s current Long-Term Energy Plan (LTEP) process, does not square up with the requirements of meeting the targets of the climate

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Graphic of a car driving on a road with wind, electric energy

Ontario’s Energy Dilemma: Reducing Emissions at an Affordable Cost

Read Full Document Executive Summary The Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE) is the voice of the engineering profession in Ontario. OSPE represents the entire engineering community, including licensed engineers, graduates of engineering programs and engineering students. Engineers work in several of the most strategic sectors of Ontario’s economy. OSPE has produced this report to

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Electrical central where can be seen electric transmission pylons, supporting high voltage lines with visible insulators and other industrial components.

The hard truths behind Ontario’s pricey electrical system

Read Full Article Ontario’s costly system of generating and delivering electricity to customers is riddled with mismanagement and questionable decision­making, as evidenced by this week’s scathing report by the province’s auditor general. But it’s not quite the unmitigated disaster some have made it out to be. While the headline numbers in Bonnie Lysyk’s report are

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Wind farm with mountains in the background

Wind Energy in Canada: A Survey of the Policy Environment

Read Full Article (PDF) Since 2003, provincial governments in Canada have encouraged substantial private investment in renewable energy sources, notably in wind power which can provide environmental benefits at lower cost than other forms of renewable energy. i Designing targeted energy policies and procurement programs to attract new privately-financed wind power capacity has thus been

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Power lines

Beyond Keystone: Canada’s Clean Electricity

Read Full Article (PDF) The Keystone pipeline debate is sucking all the oxygen out of a legitimate North American discussion on energy. Notwithstanding the concern opponents of the pipeline are expressing, the real culprit in the emissions that are at the core of climate change is coal — and it is getting a free pass.

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WInd farm with bright blue sky in the background

Canada’s Low Carbon Electricity Advantage: Unlocking the Potential of Inter-Regional Trade

Read Full Article (PDF) Abstract The goals of energy security and substantial reduction of GHGs on a continent-wide scale are achievable through enhanced electricity trade utilizing Canada’s low carbon electricity advantage and significant reductions in fossil fuel use (primarily coal) in the North American energy system. A ten to twenty-fold increase in clean electricity trade

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Hydro worker on a hydro pole

Panel wants Ontario electricity distribution companies to voluntarily merge

Read the Full Article TORONTO — Ontario’s 80 local electricity distribution companies — many municipally-owed utilities — should voluntarily merge into a maximum of eight-to-12 regional agencies within two years, an expert panel recommended Thursday. The changes to the electricity distribution system would save $1.2 billion over ten years and make it easier, and less

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Worker working on electrical lines

Report of the Ontario Distribution Sector Review Panel

Read Full Report (PDF) In April 2012, the Ontario Minister of Energy established the Ontario Distribution Sector Review Panel to provide expert advice to the government on how to improve efficiencies in the sector with the aim of reducing the financial cost of electricity distribution for electricity consumers. In this report, Renewing Ontario’s Electricity Distribution

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