Our Partners

Ivey Energy and Policy Management Centre

Ivey Energy and Policy Management Centre, Western University, Ontario

The Ivey Energy Policy and Management Centre is the centre of expertise at the Ivey Business School focused on national energy business issues and public policies. It contributes to energy policy by conducting and disseminating evidence-based research on major issues affecting the electricity, gas, oil, and pipeline sectors in Canada; by providing an open, transparent forum for industry, government, academia and interested stakeholders to discuss and exchange ideas on energy sector development; and, by educating students, executive and government officials on national and global energy sector issues.

Power Workers' Union

The Power Workers’ Union (PWU) is Ontario’s largest electricity sector union representing over 16,000 highly skilled men and women who help generate and deliver electricity to Ontario’s homes and businesses. For over seven decades, the PWU has successfully influenced and adapted to the continually evolving electricity sector challenges creating the most opportunities for sustainable, high-value jobs, safe working conditions, decent benefits and retirement security, and better energy policies for all Ontarians. As one of Canada’s strongest and most progressive unions, the PWU remains committed to using its knowledge, experience, and expertise to secure a promising future for its membership while helping to keep the lights on for all Ontarians http://www.pwu.ca