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Jolted by power costs

Jan Carr, Globe and Mail
Re In Ontario, Electricity Bills Are Reason To Weep (Sept. 12): Konrad Yakabuski has accurately described the mess Ontario’s electricity sector is in and the ever‐higher prices that result.

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Ontario's Power Trip - Op-ed

Ontario’s Power Trip – The Gas Bungle: $800M?

Jan Carr, Special to Financial Post
Decisions to relocate two Ontario electricity generating stations from the Toronto suburbs of Mississauga and Oakville to locations further afield in Sarnia and Lennox were driven by partisan political attempts to win at the polls.

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Field with power lines

Alberta did it right

Jan Carr, Special to Financial Post
Beyond Premier Dalton McGuinty’s resignation and the partisan jousting that puts the public cost of relocating two Ontario generating stations as high as $1.4-billion lies both irony and a serious systemic problem.

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