Regulatory Reform in Ontario’s Energy Sector
Ivey Energy Policy and Management Centre, Western University

Panel Presentation with Guy Holburn and Karen Taylor
May 21, 2019

The government of Ontario is initiating legislative changes to the governance and operational framework of the Ontario Energy Board, based on recommendations from the OEB Modernization Review Panel that were released on March 18, 2019. The proposed reforms are intended to improve regulatory effectiveness by enhancing the OEB’s independence, accountability, and efficiency.

The event convened an expert panel discussion on the report, legislation, and implications for Ontario’s energy sector, with Richard Dicerni, Chair of the OEB Modernization Review Panel; Cynthia Chaplin, Executive Director of CAMPUT; Vinay Sharma, CEO of London Hydro; and Karen Taylor, Vice Chair, Council for Clean & Reliable Energy. The panel was moderated by Professor Guy Holburn, Director of the Ivey Energy Policy and Management Centre.

Panel Moderator

Guy Holburn
Prof. Guy Holburn, Director
Ivey Energy Policy and Management Centre

Keynote Speaker

Richard Dicerni
Richard DiCerni, Chair
Ontario Energy Modernization Review Panel

Panel Presenters

Cynthia Chaplin
Cynthia Chaplin, Executive Director CAMPUT
Vinay Sharma
Vinay Sharma, CEO
London Hydro
Karen Taylor
Karen Taylor, Vice Chair
Council for Clean & Reliable Energy