Foreign Direct Investment Canada Forum

Sustainable Investment in the Canadian Economy: Exploring the Energy, Tourism, Agriculture, and Health-Technology Sectors

May 5-6, 2021

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is a catalyst for rapid and sustainable growth in any economy, FDIs play an integral part in building the Canadian economy as they increase access to capital for the improvement of research and development, innovation and employment, ultimately boosting the economy. Favourable FDI policies and investing environments provide opportunities for economic explosion in a country. As Canada has one of the most investor friendly environments for FDIs in the world, with solid immigration policies, strong banking and financial systems, government support and an efficient, well trained and educated workforce, it is no surprise Canada is a top destination for FDIs.

The Foreign Direct Investment Forum was created to facilitate the showcasing of the Canadian investment opportunities and the connection of key decision makers and stakeholders.


Monica Rovers
Monica Rover, CEO
Global Connect Corporation
Dean Tucker
Dean Tucker, Vice Chair
World Petroleum Council Canada Board

Panel Presenters

Karen Taylor
Karen Taylor, Vice Chair
Council for Clean & Reliable Energy
Joy Romero
Joy Romero, Vice President
Technology & Innovation Canadian Natural Resources Ltd.
Cheryl Trudell
Cheryl Trudell, Vice President
Upstream Research

Energy Forum Panel Presentation