24th World Petroleum Congress 2023

24th World Petroleum Congress 2023, Calgary Canada, 17-21 September

Energy Transition: The Path to Net Zero

Canada is a well-respected global leader in the evolving energy industry. Working collaboratively across industry, academia, government and stakeholders, Canada is focused on advancement in areas such as energy innovation, carbon/clean technology, environmentally-responsible development, community engagement, and diversity and inclusion. During the 24th World Petroleum Congress, Canada proudly showcased key enablers of its net-zero ambitions including stable government policies, comprehensive regulatory frameworks, consultative stakeholder and community engagement, and industry collaboration to achieve innovative technology development and deployment.

MONDAY, 18 SEPTEMBER 2023 – 4:00 – 5:00 PM

The Goals and the Goalposts: Advancing Sustainable Solutions through a Canadian Policy and Regulatory Lens

Strong connections and transparent dialogue between policy-makers, regulators and industry is critical whether the focus is on responding to growing global demand, adequate energy infrastructure, sustainability efforts or attracting international investment through a predictable regulatory framework. Join the conversation to hear leading experts discuss the core question of how to ensure Oil & Gas infrastructure keeps pace with demand while being mindful of sustainability and the implications on much-needed investments into Canada’s evolving energy sector.

Moderator: Mr. Martin Ignasiak, Head of Regulatory Practice, Bennett Jones, Canada
Panelist: Ms. Karen Taylor, Vice Chair, Council for Clean and Reliable Energy, Canada
Panelist: Mr. David Schick, Vice President, Western Canada Innovation and Regulatory Affairs, Canada
Panelist: Ms. Lisa Baiton, President, CAPP, Canada
Panelist: Ms. Charlene Johnson, CEO, Energy NL, Canada

For further information on the 24th World Petroleum Congress 2023 held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada visit:  https://www.24wpc.com/