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The CCRE Commentary publications are authored by recognized experts and are intended to present fact-based, reasoned opinions and points of view about the some of the challenging issues facing the energy sector. These commentaries, each focused on a single subject, are aimed at extending the value of the CCRE’s existing network and conference discussions.

They are also meant to stimulate a broader and more inclusive public forum to help advance a fuller understanding of available clean, reliable energy system options for the future. As each Commentary is electronically published it becomes part of the CCRE’s Publication Library. These are available for free and can be downloaded from the CCRE’s website. As each Commentary is released a copy is also emailed to our subscriber list and to key stakeholders in government, agencies, institutions and organizations involved in the energy sector.

Interested in authoring a CCRE Commentary?

Do you have an opinion, information, or analysis that you would like to share? Please consider authoring an article for an upcoming CCRE Commentary. More details are provided in the Author Guide, but the first step is to contact us.

Subscribers’ List

If you have attended a CCRE event or received an email communication from us in the past, you are on our subscriber list and will automatically receive copies of the CCRE Commentary. Please contact us if you would like to be added to our list.

CCRE Commentary Publications

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Hope Is Not Enough: Inspiring Better Energy Policy

“Hope is at the root of who we are as humans. It is in our nature. We want to believe.” Download PDF Author’s Contact Information by Stephen Lightfoot, Eng. November 2012 In “Hope is not enough: Inspiring better energy policy” author Steven ...
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Putting The Pieces Back Together: “True Pricing” For Ontario Electricity

“Without changes, the pricing problems with associated with the Global Adjustment will continue to grow.” Download PDF Author’s Contact Information by Greg Baden and Lucia Tomson July 2012 In “Putting the Pieces Back Together: “True Pricing” for Ontario Electricity” authors Greg Baden ...
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Inside Darlington

Candu At Darlington: Securing Jobs And Energy For The New Economy

“Enhanced CANDU6 reactors are the best choice.” Download PDF Author’s Contact Information by Don Lawson February 2012 In “CANDU at Darlington: Securing Jobs and Energy for the new Economy”, the author Don Lawson makes a strong case for negotiations to start ...
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Keeping The Baby, Throwing Out The Bathwater

“Keep the baby – small-scale generation projects, throw out the bathwater – subsidies and prescriptions.” Download PDF Author’s Contact Information by Jan Carr This issue entitled “Keeping the Baby, Throwing out the Bathwater” proposes replacing Ontario’s Feed-in Tariff Program (FIT) with a ...
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Community with clean renewable enercy

There’s a Baby in the Bathwater

“… the current Feed-in Tariff (FIT) program should be modified to become a Distributed Generation Tariff (DGT) …” Download PDF Author’s Contact Information by Jan Carr September 2011 Council for Clean and Reliable Electricity (CCRE) launches a commentary initiative with ...
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