CCRE Commentary: There’s a Baby in the Bathwater

Community with clean renewable enercy

Written By: Jan Carr

September 19, 2011

 Toronto, Ontario – Council for Clean and Reliable Electricity (CCRE) launches a commentary initiative with the first review focusing on Ontario’s FIT Program. The CCRE is a forum for reasoned analysis on subjects related to electricity policy. In the past the Council has sponsored conferences on clean coal technology, nuclear power, governance models in the electricity sector and biomass energy opportunities. 

This new CCRE Commentary initiative is intended to stimulate debate on current electricity public policy. The first Commentary entitled “There’s a Baby in the Bathwater” tackles Ontario’s new Feed-in Tariff Program (FIT). Dr. Carr, a respected leader in the Canadian electricity sector, contends that while good in theory the FIT program is economically unsustainable in practice.