CCRE Commentary: Keeping the Baby, Throwing out the Bathwater

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Written By: Jan Carr

October 20, 2011

 Toronto, Ontario – Council for Clean and Reliable Electricity (CCRE) releases the second issue of its CCRE Commentary. The CCRE provides a forum for reasoned analysis on subjects related to electricity policy. In the past the Council has sponsored conferences on clean coal technology, nuclear power, governance models in the electricity sector and biomass energy opportunities. 

The CCRE Commentary is intended to stimulate debate on current electricity public policy. The second issue entitled “Keeping the Baby, Throwing out the Bathwater” proposes replacing Ontario’s Feed-in Tariff Program (FIT) with a Distributed Generation Tariff (DGT) Program. The author Dr. Jan Carr argues that a DGT model will better protect customers from rising prices by eliminating multiple price categories and the excessive costs required under the FIT Program. A DGT Program will Dr. Carr contends benefit consumers, communities and the environment while facilitating the development of worthwhile small-scale generating projects.